Soft tissue therapy is evolving and the therapists that practice it are too. It isn’t a luxury it is something that everybody needs, our body should not be taken for granted and our job is to make sure it works better without pain – not just for sports people but for everyone.

Sports massage therapists, or soft tissue therapists, work with the body. We work on healthy tissue and improve muscle flexibility, we work with the muscles to manipulate the skeleton. We are body workers, we help recovery with touch. We don’t use machines and are in touch with the person, who we get to know over a period of time. We aim to help the client onto a road of well being and fitness.

We work with osteopaths, acupuncturists, chiropractors, nutritionists, personal trainers and sports physios. We refer our clients to other complementary therapists if need be and aim to recommend where necessary a course of action that will benefit the client, in the shortest possible time. Sometimes prevention rather than cure and we help you to understand your body, by explaining what is going on and how it links from head-to-toe.